"Elizaveta Iurievna Kuzmina-Karavaeva Skobtsova, later known as Mother Maria, was a Russian Orthodox religious thinker, poet and artist. Her multi-faceted legacy includes articles, poems, art, and drama. In the 1910s she was part of the literary milieu of St. Petersburg and was a member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. She fled Russia soon after the Bolsheviks' takeover and lived in Paris, where she became a nun. In 1935, she participated in organizing the so-called Orthodox Action, which was designed to help Russian immigrants in France. She and her fellow-workers from Orthodox Action opened a house for homeless and sick immigrants in Paris. During the Nazi occupation of the city, the house was transformed into a refuge for Jews and displaced persons. Mother Maria and her son were arrested by the Gestapo in 1943 and died in the Ravensbruck camp in Germany. Mother Maria's selfless devotion to people and her death as a martyr will never be forgotten. In 2004, the Holy Synod confirmed the glorification of Mother Maria." - from Columbia University Libraries Special Collection link

A Kenyan Orphanage Could Use Your Help

Dear Friends,
There is an Orthodox Church in Kenya led by Father Mark Mwangi Kibui and his wife Presvytera Alice Mwangi that are housing orphans on site and they are looking for some church sponsors here in the US and abroad to help them with these children. If your church, your organization, or you yourself are looking for a sister organization to partner with to relieve suffering, I would reach out to this couple.
I know in this day and age the internet scams coming out of Africa are many, so I have reached out to the Patriarchate of Alexandria (under the Greek Orthodox Church) and have established a process where the funds can be sent to the Greek Orthodox Church via Athens and then dispersed to the orphanage in Kenya from there.
This level of legitimacy should help you feel secure in your donations. I have the accounts of the Patriarchate of Alexandria on file and would be glad to furnish them to you or your organization to help Father Mark and Presvytera Alice.
Ideally they would like to have people sponsor the orphans schooling at the local private school. This can be arranged directly by contacting them on facebook and then getting an email to them for private conversations.
These folks are genuinely compassionate and loving people and the children are in great need. Information on them can also be found at this website. It gives a little fuller view of these servants of God.

Contribute here https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/7122l0?utm_campaign=story-update&utm_medium=email&utm_source=09-2015 at this reputable Organization or at the Alexandrian Patriarchate below.

Patriarchate of Alexandria's Accounts for donations:

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